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So where do they come from and how is it that they exist at all? In order to answer these questions, we need to look far, far back into the time of the emerald’s origin. Emeralds from Zimbabwe are among the oldest gemstones anywhere in the world. They were already growing 2600 million years ago, whilst some specimens from Pakistan, for example, are a mere 9 million years young. From a chemical-mineralogical point of view, emeralds are beryllium-aluminium-silicates with a good hardness of 7_ to 8, and belong, like the light blue aquamarine, the tender pink morganite, the golden heliodor and the pale green beryl, to the large gemstone family of the beryls. (International Colored Gemstone Association).

Size 7 18k White Gold Rectangle Emerald With Marquise Diamond Frame Ring
Marvelous marquise diamonds (2.20ct. t.w.) are a perfect foil for the intense color of over five carats of emerald sparkle. 18kt white gold. Full sizes 5-9.
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