Imelda Marcos: Power, Myth, Illusion

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Imelda Marcos: Power, Myth, Illusione

Imelda The Movie

Few contemporary political figures of this century have been as controversial and outspoken, and even misunderstood, as Imelda Marcos, the former Philippine First Lady and widow of the late Ferdinand Marcos, who was the president of the Philippines for 21 years. “Imelda” marks the first time that Mrs. Marcos agreed to tell her story in this feature documentary that details her rise from humble provincial origins to become one of the richest and most powerful women in contemporary history. This documentary, told in English in rare original interviews features scenes from her daily life and archival footage.
As announced by AFP, “Imelda Marcos, notorious for her shoe collection during her late husband’s time as Philippines president, is to make a renewed fashion sortie next month — this time lending her name to a mix and match collection taken straight from her closet.”
Imelda The Movie

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