Mother of Pearl

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Mother of Pearl
The inner iridescent layers of the shells of mollusks, especially that of the pearl oyster. While normally off-white in color it can also be pink and light gray. Mother-of-Pearl is an organic mixture of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the form of platy crystals of aragonite and conchiolin.

18K white gold Atalanta Mother of Pearl Earring

This 18K gold mother of pearl earring is perhaps the most unique hand-made jewelry American Pearl has to offer. Made with 68 round brilliant diamonds, G color, SI1 clarity, this ring boasts .61 carats t.d.w. Crafted using artisan’s techniques that are practically as old as pearls themselves, mother of pearl is cut from the inside mantle tissue ligning an oyster whose natural color is unaltered. Carefully carved and meticulously shaped to exacting sizes, the quality and craftsmanship found here is comparable to noneÑcreating truly unique pieces. Although not a fully formed pearl, mother of pearl offers an aesthetic look in pearl jewelry unavailable in round pearls. All American Pearl’s mother of pearl is natural color. American Pearl is widely regarded as perhaps the most reliable and honest source of wholesale pearls anywhere in the world.
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