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Peridot is a golden-green variety of a mineral called olivine, and includes hues from leek-green to yellow-green. Because of its distinctive green color, this gem has alternately been confused with emerald and chrysoberyl. Though customarily faceted, peridot has also been polished in a process called Tumbling, or sometimes set in its natural, raw form.

Sterling Silver, Peridot and Blue Topaz Earrings

Younger than springtime are these pretty drop earrings that feature cool bright shades of green peridot and blue topaz for a minimal accessory. The petite jewelry has a fresh, youthful look. Each earring contains two nicely transparent and shimmering facet-cut gemstones. First is lime green peridot in a side-lying oval measuring 4×6 millimeters. Below is an ice blue topaz resembling a multidimensional teardrop that measures 5×7 millimeters. The peridot is bezel-set or framed in sterling silver. The earrings dangle straight and do not swing, and they fasten with ear wires.
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