Unisex Indian Wrap Pants

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Unisex Indian Wrap Pants – Lime

Unisex Indian Wrap Pants - Lime

Two-toned Lime 100% cotton Indian wrap pant with traditional Indian trim. These wrap arounds are unisex and versatile and can be used for yoga, meditation, Tai Chi or just comfy everyday wear. As a wrap around they are also flexible in sizing. Men are encouraged to buy one size up. If you are very tall, both women and men should consider a larger size for length. Width is easily accommodated by a variety of easy wrap and fasten techniques. They traveled a long distance to be with you. Go ahead get a pair they’re terrific! | Pre-washed and pre-shrunk but some rich colors like red may shed color in first wash to get to it’s purity. Machine was separately cold water and hang dry. Iron is optional. Or dry clean. Adding 1/2 cup vinegar to cold-water wash will hold all color fast.

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